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Yorkshire author, poet, performer, puppeteer & magician!

Nick Toczek is a British writer, poet and performer.

Born in Yorkshire in 1950, he’s been writing since he was a child, began getting his poetry published in his mid-teens, did his first public readings when he was nineteen, and had his first collection of poetry published when he was twenty-one.


Since then, he’s done more than fifty thousand performances and presentations, has worked in more than forty countries, has published more than forty books, and has never had a ‘proper job’.


As you’ll find out if you explore this website, he’s a music journalist, professional magician, political writer and researcher, creative writing tutor – especially in schools, radio DJ with his own weekly show, rock lyricist and vocalist, puppeteer, stand-up comedian, librettist and more. Basically, he does his hobbies for a living. Surely that’s cool.


There are no statues to him, so this website will have to do instead. With luck, you’ll find it interesting.

Photo by John Bolloten

Nick's Blog

New Releases

Voices In My Head

The new book of poetry by Nick Toczek, published by Caboodle Books, 2020.

Nick's first collection of poetry for adults in 22 years. With a cover illustrated by Joseph Witchall.


80 pages.


£7.00 including P&P from the shop.

Voices In My Head by Nick Toczek, book c

Shooting The Messenger

The debut album by by Nick Toczek and Signia Alpha! Available to download or buy on CD from the shop.

Released on 01.01.2020

The Bavariations Album

The first album by Nick Toczek and Thies Marsen is available to download from all the usual streaming services or to buy on CD from the shop. Released in 2019.

The Bavariations Album sleeve

Motormouth / Dealing With The Darkness

Nick Toczek Motormouth Volume 1 cover

Summer 2018 saw the release of two new paired spoken-word CDs written and performed by Nick Toczek:

Nick Toczek Motormouth Volume 2 cover

The first, Motormouth Volumes 1 & 2 (released on the label Not-A-Rioty), was previously available as a very limited edition of three CDs released by Soundshack Records. This fifty-six track collection consists predominantly of performance poems and travel poems and is intended for all ages from teens upwards.

The second is Dealing With The Darkness Volumes 1 & 2 (released on the label Mutiny 2000 Records). This is a forty-nine track collection of poems about tackling fear – be it of death and dying, night and nightmares, faith and guilt. Its target audience is of adults, not children.    

Nick Toczek Dealing With The Darkness Volume 1 cover
Nick Toczek Dealing With The Darkness Volume 2 cover

Catch Nick Toczek Live!

Poetry's Not F***ing Boring is back at Bradford Fringe Festival

Sunday, July 26, 2020 at 7:30 PM – 11 PM

This year with a livestream featuring a variety of poets including Bradford's very own Nick Toczek as well as Janine Booth, Alex Asher, Keiron Higgins, Bernie the Bolt and a whole lot of others too many to fit in this blurb. We hope to entertain you with rhymes, rants and underground poetry during these strange and rather difficult times

Nick Toczek Signia Alpha new album

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