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Good Morning

Watching the nightly news coverage of the Tory Party's drawn-out internal selection process to choose a party leader and thus another unelected Tory prime minister to replace the lamentable Boris Johnson, I've been sublimating my rage by writing a collection of poems under the working title of Them 'n' Us.

Having finished the first twenty of these, last week I submitted two of them for publication, one in an anthology, the other in the UK daily newspaper, The Morning Star.

To my surprise and pleasure, both were almost immediately accepted, and the first of these Isn't It Ironic has been published in today's (11/8/22) issue of The Morning Star.

This is a busy time for me. My third vinyl album with Signia Alpha, The Columbus Memoirs, has been copping for some great reviews in the music press and is now finding its way into music shops. In the company of fellow performers Captain Hotknives, Gerrard Bell-Fife, Luke Tatty Hoggarth, Chubby Chubbsta, and DJ Joe Blendz, I'm doing a northern tour in September and October under our collective name, Chanters 'n' Ranters. I've a slew of new books on the way. Also, my ongoing collaboration with classical composer Malcolm Singer will see a series of performances of our revised and revived football cantata, Perfect Pitch, sung by large children's choirs and played by full orchestras in prestige Sussex and Surrey venues during November.

Enjoy the poem, people!

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