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Free download single - Four And A Half

Updated: Aug 20, 2022


Release date:

Artists: Nick Toczek & Signia Alpha

(Lyrics - Nick Toczek, music by Matt Webster & Jack Atkinson)

Taken from The Columbus Memoirs, the critically-acclaimed third album from Nick Toczek & Signia Alpha, Four And A Half tells the chilling true stories of some of Nick’s encounters with guns. The music is a blend of 1970s spy thriller theme and old school funk. Matt Webster drives the track on drums, funky clavinet and guitar, Mark Cranmer supplies the slap bass and Jack Atkinson provides the main guitar riff. The track is embellished by Simon Nolan's mandolin flourishes, bursts of jazz sax from Keith Jafrate and Chris Walsh's magical flute.

Reviews of the album have been universally positive:

The level of musicianship is stellar… Paul Gray (The Damned) plays on four of the tracks… the poetry is masterfully woven.’ - Onyx Music Review.

... the interaction between music and poetry is effective, evocative and dynamic.’ - Vive Le Rock!

Guitar-driven, new wave, indie-rock Zappa-channelled jazz grooves.’ - Leeds Streets Magazine.

Wit and cynicism are carefully balanced with a keen eye for the beautiful.’ - R’n’R Magazine.

Both the single and the album can be downloaded from (website link) as well as via Apple, Spotify, Amazon and all similar platforms.

Vinyl copies of the album can be ordered directly from here and are also sold stocked by the following shops:

More shops will be stocking The Columbus Memoirs in due course...

''Great music, great packaging. Vinyl was made for this.''

To stream Four And A Half:

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