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Nick Toczek Audio Downloads

Here’s a chance to both listen to and download tracks from some of Nick’s spoken word and musical CD releases. You can also, if you so wish, download entire CDs. And there’s a good selection here which includes recent releases and popular items from his back catalogue.

Spoken Word CDs

Nick Toczek: Motormouth

MOTORMOUTH Volumes 1 & 2. Recent release: This fifty-six track pair of spoken word CDs was released in 2018 by Not-A-Rioty, having previously had a short-run release as a three CD collection from Soundshack back in 2012. Cover photo: Nick Toczek’s first selfie. Cover design: Nick Toczek & Matt Webster.

Nick Toczek: Dealing With The Darkness

DEALING WITH THE DARKNESS Volumes 1 & 2. Recent release: This forty-nine track pair of spoken word CDs was first released in 2018 by Mutiny 2000 Records. Cover photos by Nick Toczek, Overall design by Matt Webster.

Nick Toczek: Selfish Men

SELFISH MEN. This thirty track spoken word CD was first released in 2004 by Not-A-Rioty. Cover design by Nick Toczek.

Music CDs

Shooting the Messenger cover

SHOOTING THE MESSENGER. This seventeen track CD album is available Mutiny 2000 Records. Also soon available as a ten track heavyweight coloured vinyl LP... out soon!

The Bavariations Album sleeve

THE BAVARIATIONS ALBUM. This twelve track CD album was first released in 2019 by Mutiny 2000 Records. It’s a collaboration between Nick and Bavarian musician Thies Marsen. Sleeve and booklet and design by Matt Webster.

Nick Toczek: Totally InTOCZEKated

TOTALLY INTOCZEKATED. This twenty-five track CD was first released in 2007 by Mutiny 2000 Records. It’s a compilation of music he recorded with various musicians and bands between 1979 and 1989. Front cover design by Nick Toczek. Booklet and back cover design by Matt Webster and Nick Toczek.

Nick Toczek & Threshold Shift: Britanarchy EP

BRITANARCHY EP. This five-track EP recorded with Bradford band Threshold Shift was first released on Not-A-Rioty in 2011. Cover design: Nick Toczek & Matt Webster

Nick Toczek & Thies Marsen: Bavariations EP

BAVARIATIONS EP. This three-track EP was recorded by Bavarian musician and sound programmer Thies Marsen using Nick’s spoken word recordings. It was first released by Soundshack in 2012. Cover design by Nick Toczek and Nagbea.

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