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Nick Toczek Archives

In Nick’s archives you’ll find an ever-growing selection of accounts, documents, recollections and reflections detailing his past activities. In here already are the following:


1. Laying Foundations: a short essay by Nick detailing his early years (1968-1972) as a performer and publisher.


2. The story of Nick’s fanzine, The Wool City Rocker, (May 1979 – Summer 1981).

3. The Back-Story to The Britanarchist EP: Nick’s account of his work with Bradford band Threshold Shift which led to the recording their 2011 five-track CD.

4. The Back-Story to The Bavariations EP: German producer Thies Marsen cut up Nick Tockzek's lyrics to add to use over his music. This lead to a cross channel friendship and a three track EP. 

5. Babyshambes and Copyright: the story of the Pete Doherty, Kate Moss and the stolen lyric controversy!

6. Selected YouTube Videos

Black Columbus
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