Selected YouTube videos

In 2010 my twenty-year-old son Matthew was home from University and looking for holiday jobs to fund the sundry youthful excesses that his leisure-time offered. I was slaving over my computer when he casually mentioned that I wasn’t on YouTube but ought to be. “How do I do that?” I asked. “Easy, I can film you and put it up for you.” That’s what happened and three poems performed by me in our dining room were duly posted for the world to watch. When I thanked him, he said: “Don’t thank me… pay me.” which is why you can watch me for free, but I had to pay.

The first two videos here, ‘New Yawk Chant/Sheer Funk’ and ‘Prime Minister Pelican’ are both his work. Nowadays, I’ve a much more extensive YouTube presence, none of it posted by me. That’s the case with the third video here which shows the pupils of Sambourne C of E Primary School performing my poem ‘The Dragon Who Ate Our School’. It was presumably organized and posted by staff of the school. The first I knew about it was when I came across it on YouTube. Very gratifying! Look out for further videos as we build this website.

Nick Toczek, May 2018