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Motormouth Volumes 1 & 2

With this collection Nick Toczek presents an accessible and very varied selection of his performance poems. His aim was to come up with a set of poems which would appeal not only to adults but also to secondary school pupils. He chose poems which he hoped would encourage his listeners to write. And he wanted it to be a collection which would even appeal to those who believed that poetry wasn’t for them.


Here then are carefully crafted poems – variously humorous, observational, political, social and more – each with its own distinctive stand-alone flavor, rhythm and pace. When asked about how he identified good writing by others, Nick said: “If I read something and find myself wishing that I’d written it, that’s good writing.” He’d hope that you’d find a little of that quality in a few of these pieces.


Motormouth Volumes 1 & 2 are available in the shop to buy on CD but if you want to listen to  the tracks or buy them as downloads, you're on the right page.

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