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The Columbus Memoirs

The Columbus Memoirs album bundles

The new album on marbled vinyl, CD and download is out now!

Nick Toczek & Signia Alpha -
The Columbus Memoirs 

The third album from Nick Toczek & Signia Alpha


Album Release Date: 4 June 2022
Artists: Nick Toczek & Signia Alpha
Musical Formats: Blue & white marble vinyl, CD and download
Label: Mutiny 2000 Records


Accompanying 120-page book of lyrics, recording details and back-stories of artists.
Imprint: Mutiny 2000 Publications

The Columbus Memoirs is the third album from Nick Toczek and Signia Alpha. 

The vinyl album consists of ten brand new songs including Dignity which was released as a single in January 2022 and Another Shoreline which will be the album’s second single. The music ranges from guitar-driven new wave indie-rock to Zappa-tinged jazz grooves. Paul Gray (The Damned, Eddie & The Hot Rods, UFO, etc) contributes his distinctive bass to four of the ten tracks. Added to this soundscape are the powerful lyrics of performer-poet and storyteller Nick Toczek.
The CD consists of these ten songs plus a further nine sample tracks taken from the two previous Nick Toczek & Signia Alpha albums, Walking The Tightrope (2021) and Shooting The Messenger (2020).

The heavily illustrated 120-page book contains the lyrics of all three albums, details of each recording, and the back-stories of Nick Toczek, Matt Webster (aka Signia Alpha), and all twelve guest musicians.

The Columbus Memoirs AD 4A.jpg

''[I'm] about ten songs in [so far], all top top top stuff, will be on top of music playlist, especially when friends visiting.''

Bob Collins Hebden Bridge situated within a vast universe

''Smashed it again gents! Great music, great packaging. Vinyl was made for this.''

Andrew Gallon

"Loving The Columbus Memoirs both audial & written. The book puts me in mind of the Rock family trees show that used to go out on BBC 4 ..... an old favourite of mine which charted the evolution of Bands through their members and who they joined or new outfits they started." 

Mike Bowes, Leicestershire

''I found the music very thoughtful and thought provoking. I definitely need to listen to it lots of times. Amazing work.. Well done. Thanks for sharing this with me.''

Best wishes Eilish, Worcestershire

"I really like the album. ...talented writers and musicians and the production is excellent. 

The melody on the second track Another Shoreline has to be one of the catchiest riffs I can recall - surely a hit in waiting if only you can get enough ears on it. I have only heard this twice and I am already finding myself humming it when walking the dog or working. Really top drawer stuff."

Nigel Bell, Leicestershire

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