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Selfish Men

Selfish Men track listing

1. Stiff with a quiff

2. Life

3. Dependable bloke

4. Civic pride

5. Poem for men

6. From this pub

7. Playing dumb

8. Things to do on a Saturday night

9. Love poem

10. Letter from a lawyer

11. I know a good club we can go to

12. Poor old lonely heart

13. West Yorks. nurse

14. Television

15. Everybody’s friend

Definitely for an adult audience, this is a collection of thirty performance poems and song lyrics which deal directly male roles, masculinity, machismo, ego, self-indulgence, bluntness and brutality.


These pieces are intentionally provocative, entertaining, confrontational, derogatory, deprecating and occasionally shocking. Though it was recorded in 2003 and released in 2004, this CD is as relevant today as it was back then.

16. Detente

17. Monstrous hangover

18. Financial affairs

19. Nice man

20. Confidence trick

21. Fan

22. Old man coping with sexual history

23. Cannibals of the Western world

24. The woman I love

25. So says the self-indulgent man

26. Turnips and the art of timing

27. She was a merry-go-round

28. The private crime

29. The usual poem

30. Funeral poem

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