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CORONA DIARY: a collection of new poems by Nick Toczek

In mid-March 2020 I began writing a daily diary poem about the pandemic, posting each on my own Facebook page and on Janine Booth’s excellent CoronaVerses page. My initial intention was both to document the course of events and to give myself a daily writing discipline which would double as a journal. To my surprise and satisfaction, these posts became popular. The best of them seemed to catch the zeitgeist and speak not just for me, but for others. As a writer, you can’t hope for much more than that.


Here then, month-by-month, are my pandemic poems and lockdown lyrics. Some have already been published. Others have been set to music. You can find me performing some of them on various performance poetry platforms posted on YouTube, Facebook and other such sites. A book of the first few months’ poems is soon to be published under the title Corona Diary.

Corona Diary by Nick Toczek red.jpg




We’re So Safe

Dead Rite


Poem For A Few Weeks From Now

Grim As This…

Be Positive, Be Keener

Simply To Live By… 

Back Garden

Acrostic Odes

To Donald Trump Who’s Calling It The Chinese Virus

Close Up

Utterly Unprepared

How To Pass The Time While You Isolate

Celebrating The Joys Of This Singular Spring




NHS Acrostic


Where Are You Now, You Cocky Bastard?

The Dead


Regular Handwashing

Only The Virus


Sympathising With The Tories

April, Cruelest Month, Brings Us…

Poem To Each UK MP 

Conversation With The Virus

Poem For Boris Johnson

It’s All About You

Because Interviewed Experts Begin Each Reply With “So…” 

We’re All Here

The Virus Addresses The World


The Two Of Us


Via Us

Two Poems: Game #1 + Game #2


8 p.m. Every Thursday


At The End Of Lockdown

Corona Blues

The Cost

A Testing Time… At Last!



Come What May

Poem For Matt Hancock, Health Secretary

Second Peak

Your Life Under Lock-Down


Almost Forty Thousand Dead Here In Britain Alone

Clapping Verses

Oh, A Nature Poem!

Of Course We Miss…


They Make No Sense

Mixed Messages

Landscapes By Hieronymus Bosch

Tell Johnson And Trump We’re Not At War

Short Sentences

Five Linked Limericks

Because of Our Impatience

Re-opening Schools The Week After Next?

A Week Of Gardening During Lockdown

While I’m Out Walking With My Bloody Mutt

Wish List


Doubters’ Creed

A Poem About You, Dominic Cummings

Carehome Ghosts Speaking

Press Conference

Cabinet Versus Corona

Johnson’s Latest Baby



Poem For My Partner




Tory Bastards In September / October

Ending The Honeymoon

Imagined Guest

Signing Out

Surrounded By Idiots

We Poets, Adverbally

If I Were The Virus

Government Will Duck The Blame

For Those Who Still Trust Our Governing Gang

Where I Went During Lockdown

As We Hit More Than Sixty Thousand ‘Excess’ Deaths


We’re Been Shopped

Some Days Under Lockdown

Evening Walk

The Virus Invites You…

We Weren’t Always Old

Their New ‘World Class’ Track’n’Trace Phone App

Just A List…

Run By The Bullingdon Boys

Life Will Be Better When…

When Lives Don’t Matter

Two Metres Down To One

If This Virus Kills Me, Here’s What I Did Well (100th poem!)

The Rag Trade Reopens


Why Reopen Everything? 

When This Virus Hits Its Second Spike

Sea Fever

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