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Dealing With The Darkness Volumes 1 & 2

All but ten of these poems were written specifically for this collection between 2015 and 2017  The darkness that Nick Toczek deals with here comes in the form of  guilt and regret, nighttime and loss, mortality and, of course, dying itself.


His purpose in writing these pieces was to come to terms with just such demons. Curiously, within a couple of weeks of finishing the last of them, Nick found out that he had prostate cancer. It’s contained and he’s currently living with it, his cancer team having opted to monitor it rather than treat it… which is precisely what these poems do. And, dark as many of them may be, they are actually tackling these topics. They’re talking rather than being silent. And, where death is the ultimate elephant-in-the-room, these poems represent a refusal to ignore it.


Poetry cures nothing, but it can shed light where there is none. And, in that sense, it does indeed deal with the darkness


Dealing With The Darkness Volumes 1 & 2 are available in the shop to buy on CD but if you want to listen to any of the tracks on or buy downloads, they are available from this page.

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