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Tvins - a short film

Tvins is a short (nine-minute) film about how the second world war impacted on the lives of two German Jewish teenagers, Hans and Fritz Toczek. Based on research by Hans’ oldest son, the Bradford writer and performer Nick Toczek, the project was organised by Nigel Grizzard, filmed and edited by Danny Hardaker, and funded by Bradford Council.

The two links below offer you the choice of either watching the film on its own or watching the half-hour virtual launch event which includes a brief intro and a twenty-minute Q & A session.

This version of Tvins is intended as a taster. There are many more stories and details to add, and much more to discover once archives reopen post-Covid. The plan is to secure further funding with which to make a longer and more comprehensive film. Meanwhile, enjoy this version.

The (virtual) launch event includes my 2-minute intro + the film + a 20-minute Q & A session. The second link is for the film on its own.

Here is the link to the stream we have done including Nick's introduction and Q&A afterwards.

Here is a link to the film on it's own

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