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Limited Purple Vinyl Release of Shooting The Messenger!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Shooting The Messenger, the debut album by Nick Toczek & Signia Alpha, is being released as a limited edition, heavyweight purple vinyl LP on 10 November 2020.

This new release is a reworked and remixed version of the CD and download album, released earlier in the year on Mutiny 2000 Records.

Vocals and lyrics are provided by Yorkshire poet and author Nick Toczek. The music is by Signia Alpha, the musical project of drummer and producer Matt Webster (who also features on guitars, bass, mandolin & keyboards) which is augmented by a fluid line-up including Mark Cranmer (bass), Keith Jafrate (saxophone), Chris Walsh (flute), Jack Atkinson (guitar), Dee Bo General (vocals), Stephen Andrews (Guitar), Jonny Botterell (bass) and Emmanuel Williams (guitar).

A limited number of advance copies are available to order via this link:

You can choose to buy either a pristine copy or one signed by the two lead artists, Nick Toczek & Matt Webster.

The 12 track vinyl album comes with an inner sleeve with full lyrics and artwork and includes a download card (with five bonus tracks) which can be redeemed via:

The original CD version contains 17 tracks and comes with an eight page colour lyric booklet

A second album by Nick Toczek & Signia Alpha has already been recorded and is currently being mixed for release on vinyl in March 2021.

‘The laid back, funky, jazz-rock vibe that characterises most of this album complements Toczek’s distinctive and, as ever, reassuringly calm, but equally commanding Yorkshire burr perfectly.’

Vive Le Rock!

‘Toczek has teamed up with producer and multi-instrumentalist Matt Webster and a number of high-calibre guest musicians to once again set his powerful verse in a dynamic context. Wit and cynicism are carefully balanced with a keen eye for the beautiful.’

R’N’R Magazine

‘Signia Alpha provide deep funk-bass… tight jazzy sax and clattering percussion around the thoughts stampeding through Nick Toczek’s brain. Poems you can dance to, stream and download.’

International Times

‘...just what the spoken word and jazz fans have been waiting for.’

Louder Than War

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