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Dignity - new single out now!

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Title: Dignity

Artists: Nick Toczek & Signia Alpha

Label: Mutiny 2000 Records

Release date: Friday 28 January 2022

This download-only single is the first to be taken from The Columbus Memoirs, the third album from Nick Toczek & Signia Alpha, which is due for release in June 2022.

Dignity is the album’s closing track. The lyric tackles, head-on, the utter inhumanity of our heartless mistreatment of refugees and other migrants. Message meets musicianship. This isn’t pigeon-holed pop. Nick doesn’t sing. Signia Alpha don’t simply fit neatly into the slot of some category. Why would they? It’s not what they’re about.

Available on all streaming services and from the link below.

Dignity (lyrics: Toczek, music: Webster/Ingham)

Signia Alpha line-up:

Matt Webster - drums, bass, 12 string acoustic guitar, backing vocals

Wulf Ingham - guitars, lead guitar, slide guitar, harmonica, mandolin

Keith Jafrate – saxophone

Chris Walsh – flute, backing vocals

Harris – additional guitar noodling, backing vocals


Nick Toczek - vocals

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