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Nick Toczek new website,
Nick Toczek new website

Hey! I’ve got a new website. I say that because I had one once before. My wife Gaynor built it for me was back in the late 1980s. Then we forgot the password. Then I got too busy to ever update it even if we could. And we’d kids and lives to lead and work to do and… hey, maybe it’s still out there, floating through hyperspace like an abandoned spaceship, a virtual Marie Celeste.

Nick Toczek's new website shop
Nick Toczek's Things To Buy on a Saturday Night. (or any other time!)

If you find it, let me know. Meanwhile, please check out this new website, built by my skilled friend, Matt Webster. If you like it, please help me to tell the world that it’s here. You know the stuff – mention it on Facebook, share it, hold parties to communally access it, wear the tee-shirt, drop it into the conversation at a bus stop or while you’re being arrested, etc.

Nick Toczek video page n his new website
Nick Toczek launches new website

Oh, and this introductory blog will be followed by a series of stories – the first of which will be posted this weekend. These stories, all true, come from an unpublished collection called My Life Sentences. Versions of some of them have featured in my column in R2 magazine. The rest are new. All of them are more about other people than about me. They’re a collection of incidents and observations, most of them amusing, which I found loitering in my head. Enjoy them. Enjoy the website. Watch it grow.

Thanks, Nick.

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