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Cannibals Un-Herd

Cannibals of the Western World is the new single by Nick Toczek & Signia Alpha. Taken from our recent album, Walking The Tightrope, it’s one of my favourite tracks. I love the way Matt Webster has woven my voice and lyrics in with the rapping of my good friend and fellow poet, Dee Bo General. The spoken word and rap are then neatly offset by Keith Jafrate’s effortlessly brilliant jazz sax, all laid over the fabulously full-on funky feel created by Matt (on guitars, drums, bass, keyboards) and Simon Nolan on guitar.

This same track features on the cover-mounted CD which comes with the current issue of the magazine RnR in which there’s Pete Tomkins’ detailed interview with me, Matt Webster and my other collaborator, Thies Marsen. Meanwhile, Thies and I are interviewed in the latest issue of German magazine MUH. There’s more, I’ve recently done a lengthy career-spanning interview for super-cool Slovenian ‘zine It’s Psychedelic Baby!. We’re also getting airplay on Roots & Fusion, a great weekly Wednesday night indie show presented by the musically encyclopaedic Rick Stuart on Blues & Roots Radio which broadcasts across Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Ireland, Italy. Belgium, Holland and Germany.

Here’s the track. If you enjoy it, please help us by sharing it.

Free download of the single and links to buy the vinyl album available from here:

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