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And now for the Gory Details...

Here’s an update, especially for all those of you who came to the punk and other music events I ran in Keighley, Bradford and Leeds in the 1980s. I’m now writing a detailed history of them and gradually posting it on my new website (

The first of many flyers advertising gigs put on by Nick, and it started at the Funhouse, Keighley.
The first of many flyers advertising gigs put on by Nick, and it started at the Funhouse, Keighley.

Already up there is my account of the gigs at The Funhouse in Keighley and The Manhattan Club in Bradford. I’ve already finished similar pieces on the gigs at The Warehouse in Leeds and The Palm Cove in Bradford. They’ll be posted in the next few days. Meanwhile, I’ve started into Brannigans in Leeds, after which I’ll go on to detail the gigs at The Dortmunder Bier Keller and then Adam & Eve’s. Eventually, I’ll also be documenting ten years of running alternative cabaret. It’s a lot to remember. There’ll be mistakes and omissions. I’m hoping that others who were there will be able to offer corrections and additions. I also hope that if you were there you’ll enjoy having your memory jogged by these accounts. Do check them out. You’ll find them under the section headed ‘Running Clubs’.

Some of you have been following the blog stories which I’ve been posting over the past few weeks. These are true accounts of incidents in my life which have involved others and have amused me. I hope they make you laugh. Eventually they’ll become a book to be called ‘My Life Sentences’. Meanwhile, they’re on the website in the section headed ‘Blog’ and I’ll continue posting two a week until the book’s complete, so please look out for more. Some of you have already shared one or two of them, which really helps to get them more widely read. Thanks for that.

Lastly, a huge thanks to Matt Webster who’s done all the stuff that I can’t do to make the website what it is. That’s all for now. I’m off to do more scribbling.

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